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Please pour yourself a cup of tea.

As a true Anglophile, I write inspirational fiction set among the backdrop of the United Kingdom, particularly the countries of England and Scotland. I pray my writing offers a short diversion from life’s struggles and will touch your heart and draw you closer to God and His Son.

Latest Release

Can an old English cottage bring renewed faith
and healing to several broken hearts?

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    We’ve probably all heard the comment, “He’s a real character!” But what does that really mean? Not necessarily a compliment, but it shows that the individual behaves in a different way than is normal by society’s standards. As a writer, we’re supposed to...

Other Writing

A Shift in Time

Katherine Stewart drove up Elm Street in a daze, her mind still on the troubling news she’d received the evening prior. Her sister was missing. Tammy had insisted on a solo trip to Scotland to study castles. She was an archaeology student in her final year at...

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