Lady of a Thousand Treasures by Sandra Byrd


Lady of a Thousand Treasures is another great read by Sandra Byrd. It is a historical fiction romance intertwined with a mystery involving art and antiquities. Victorian England is the background that envelops the life of Eleanor (Ellie) Sheffield and her family business in London. There were moments that made me smile, laugh, and cry. This is a charmingly told story that leaves the reader feeling their time was not wasted.

The infusion of scripture throughout the story reveals Eleanor’s faith as it grows. During a time when a woman is not regarded highly in the business world, Eleanor struggles to keep the family business afloat. With an uncle who has dementia, and an employee who may not be what he seems, Eleanor find herself at odds.

Harry, the son of a deceased client, is dependent on Eleanor’s skills as the appraiser of his father’s collection. Prior to his death, Lord Lydney specified that she was to be the trustee of his treasures. She would make the final decision as to where they will be placed—donated to a museum, or remain with Harry.

Eleanor’s past with Harry clouds her judgement as she hopes to be reunited with him. She attempts to push aside her doubts as he’d broken her heart in the past. Could she ever trust him again?

Her uncle’s memory lapses come to light as debts creep in, leaving them practically penniless. Debtor’s prison becomes a possibility. As Eleanor’s life becomes more complex, she isn’t sure who to trust. Only faith in God can point her to true treasures.

Note: I was given a complimentary copy of this book to review.


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