U.K.-Based Fiction

Many years ago when I discovered that most of my ancestors came from the U.K., the knowledge captured me to the point of obsession. I have been to the U.K. numerous times to travel the roads, lanes, and hills that my forebears strode.

My first trip to England was eye opening. The gorgeous countryside of rolling green hills scattered with dots of sheep enclosed in erratically shaped fields of stone fences entranced me. The sheer antiquity of the architecture was one of the strongest attractions for me. To actually walk where my ancestors lived hundreds of years before is still something I have difficulty wrapping my mind around.

My writing will always have a U.K. setting, and the books I prefer to read are all set there as well. Maybe you feel the same or at least enjoy reading a book or two set in the U.K. Below are some of my favorite novels that are set within the countries of England and Scotland. Happy reading!

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