Woven in the Mist

Two women, a century apart,

face uncertain futures in the Scottish Highlands…

Scotland 1710
Castle Deveron and its gardens form the borders of orphaned Muiriel “Muirie” Stewart’s world. Even with loving guardians, she exists between the family and the servants. Coming of age could bring the answers to her prayers for the truth about her past and confirm where she truly belongs.

Scotland 1603
Sorcha MacGregor’s fear for her unborn child engulfs her like a Highland mist. Losing her husband on the Glenfruin battlefield, she must flee into the wilds of Scotland with the remnants of her clan to escape the Clan Gregor proscription. Hunted by enemies on all sides, can she put her trust in God and an unexpected second chance at love to build a new life?

Releasing October 23, 2024

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