A Place in Time

Three women in a time not their own …

For Adela Jenks, the lure of England and time away with her closest friends is a much-needed escape. Her hectic life as a gourmet chef and a string of failed relationships has left her disheartened. She longs for a simpler time of manor houses, nobility, and the romance of courtship, for history to come alive. But she never expected to be thrust into the past with her friends while in the rural village of Stanton Wake.

In 1666, Lord Marcus DeGrey desires to live a quiet life at the newly renovated country manor that he inherited in ruin. He longs to raise his young daughter away from the London society that threatens to devour him and the secrets he must protect.

But life in the seventeenth century is perilous in an era rife with plague, political unrest after civil war, and a looming disaster. The women struggle as servants, their modern-day independence colliding with propriety and romance. When their attempts to return home fail, they must seek to discover God’s purpose for sending them through time.

Released May 26, 2021

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