Of the Past and Eternity

Thrown back in time with the man she despises …

At her sister’s urging, Cora Anderson leaves Boston and travels to an old manor in rural England to pursue her dream job while also outrunning the pain of loss. What she finds is a historic property turned luxury-themed resort with an obnoxious resident celebrity.

Hugh Henley is an enigma to Cora. His classic good looks aren’t only what captures her attention, but what many dub his strangest quirk—his complete immersion into Regency life from manners to attire. When they are forced to work together, she wonders if the career opportunity is worth the trouble.

Furthermore, the two of them stumble into the year 1816 and struggle to survive the era and each other. The more time they spend together, the more an undeniable connection develops between them. In the midst of grief, Cora questions her faith in God while Hugh faces struggles of his own. But can his past help heal her future?

Released May 31, 2023

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