Permelia Cottage

Can an old English cottage bring renewed faith
and healing to several broken hearts?

Susannah Wilkinson leaves her country, and the son she no longer believes wants nor needs her, and flees to England to fulfill her lifelong dream of owning a centuries-old cottage. Life in the quiet village of Neville is everything she dreamed of, though an interest in the charming Colin Heard was never on the agenda. Their mutual attraction comes to an abrupt end when Susannah finds herself in an unexpected life-altering situation.

Two years later, Ryan Wilkinson travels to Neville to settle his mother’s affairs. He longs to forget the past and return to his structured life in New York City. During his days in the village, he meets local bookstore owner April Conyers. He unexpectedly feels drawn to her as they work together for her to purchase his mother’s beloved cottage. Ryan returns to the U.S. after his interactions with April have shaken him to his core and pulled down walls between him and the painful past. Although, there may be a path to redemption if he is willing to step out in faith.

“The story jerks at the heartstrings of present-day issues and brings God’s promises and words in focus . . . transporting me to a part of England that I adore and hope to return to many more times. I want to live in Neville at Permelia Cottage.”

Marguerite Martin Gray

author of the inspirational Revolutionary Faith Series

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