East Texas Christian Writers Conference

East Texas Christian Writers Conference, writers conference

 On October 26 and 27, I attended the East Texas Christian Writers Conference in Marshall, Texas. This being the second time I have attended, I basically knew what to expect. Since my first time one year ago, I have learned a great deal about the publishing industry. I went into it totally green around the gills and full of a lot of misinformation. I invited some new friends to attend this time and they were more than pleased with the conference.

Even if you have not started a writing project–it may be better if you have not–please attend this conference if you are interested in writing at all. The workshops are diverse in subject matter and will give you a great base to get started. The instructors are friendly, encouraging and knowledgable about their area of expertise.

Judy Chrisite ( http://www.judychristie.com/) gave a workshop on having a better writing life. Lexie Smith (http://www.lexicallight.com/) taught a social media class that was really enlightening for me since I did not grow up with all the technology. Terry Burns (http://www.terryburns.net/), an author and literary agent, expounded on the merits of creating an author’s persona–for those of us who are a bit shy about speaking out in order to promote our work. There were many others to choose from as well.

Writers conferences can be a blow to your budget, but this one is quite affordable at less than $100 for a full day of classes. An additional fee is charged if you want to attend the pre-conference on Friday with a buffet dinner included with guest speakers. For further information see their website:  http://www.etbu.edu/News/CWC/registration.htm.
Attending the East Texas Christian Writers Conference is a blessing. Hope to see you there in 2013!


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