God’s Reminder in Ice


In mid January there was a mild freeze in my area of northern Louisiana. As I walked to my car that morning, I glanced to my right and noticed something in my small birdbath. It was full of frozen water, but it appeared that a small object was perched on top of the ice. I approached the birdbath and looked down onto an almost perfectly heart-shaped piece of ice. It was about three and one-half inches wide.

The location of the birdbath was far enough from the roof of the house, or any other structure, where the ice could have fallen from. I was so amazed at this neatly formed thing, that I had to reach out and touch it. Removing my glove, I gently prodded it and found it to be frozen to the surface of the ice below, perched like it had been gingerly placed there.

Returning the glove to my hand, I began walking back to my car. Realizing I would never see such a thing again, I thought I needed to share a picture of this with others. I took a few shots with the camera on my phone. This time as I moved to my car, a thought struck me so quickly that I had to stop for a moment. I smiled and thanked Jesus for the thought He gave to me, “I just wanted you to remember that I love you.”
So on this Valentine’s Day Eve, I want you to remember that God loves you.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all!

“As the Father hath loved me, so have I loved you: continue ye in my love.” – John 15:9 

Has God given you a physical reminder of His love–like He did with Noah and the rainbow or the ice heart? 


  1. Anonymous

    I enjoyed your post. Thanks for sharing! Isn't that great how God can stop us in our tracks to say, "I love you," if we just slow down enough to see/hear it? That brought a huge smile to my face and to my morning. Thanks again!

  2. Carole Lehr Johnson

    Thanks for visiting, Cindy. You are so right–we need to slow down and remember that He does love us if we take the time to acknowledge Him.


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