A Cottage by the Sea Book Review

A Cottage by the Sea, book review, Ciji Ware

A Cottage by the Sea

By Ciji Ware


1 out of 5



Historical Romance


Blythe Stowe has been jilted by her famous movie director husband. After years of marriage—and their successful business relationship—Blythe’s marriage is over because of her husband’s infidelity with her younger sister. Following a bitter divorce settlement, she goes for a sabbatical to a picturesque cottage in Cornwall where her ancestors were thought to have lived before immigrating to America.

Blythe’s summer cottage by the sea is located on the property of Lucas Teague’s centuries old estate. During a visit to Lucas’s manor, a framed genealogy chart generates a strange sensation as Blythe touches it while thinking of the first Blythe in the eighteenth century. Instantly she finds herself in the past as the now long deceased Blythe. The story weaves back and forth, telling the tales of these two kinswomen and the struggles they experience.

When I read the book synopsis I was intrigued. I am all about British-based historical fiction, especially if there is a little romance thrown in and a cottage. Even the cover reached out to me. Thinking I may have found another Susanna Kearsley/Kate Morton-type book, I jumped on it without reading any reviews—big mistake. The cover art was the most attractive thing about this book.

I grew weary of the Wyoming rodeo slang vocabulary and the main character’s references to her grandmother’s wisdom-sayings. This could have been an enjoyable read but I had to skip over all the detailed sexual encounters of both ‘Blythes.’ And—of course—all the main characters were Hollywood perfect in appearance.

Ciji Ware is a talented author with her historical storytelling, but I will not read any of her other works mainly because of the many physically intimate scenes. I could even put up with all the overkill cowgirl references. Before picking up any of Ms. Ware’s books beware and read all the reviews first.


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