Seasons in the Mist


Deborah Kinnard

4 out of 5

Genre: Historical Romance

Deborah Kinnard is now added to my favorite authors list. Seasons in the Mist is told through the eyes of Bethany Lindstrom, a twenty-first century graduate student of Medieval history. Her first trip to England is a dream come true. As the flight approaches London, her seatmate can’t help but notice Beth’s enthusiasm. She and Beth got to know one another on the long flight to London.

Sheila is returning to her home in Cornwall after a business trip to Chicago. When Beth’s ground transporation is not there to meet her, she is panic-stricken. Sheila rescues her by asking if she would like to come home with her to Cornwall for a couple of days. Beth’s decision is make when she learns that Sheila’s family owns Mossock House–a medieval manor home that is widely known.

The morning after her first night at Mossock House, Beth rises early and decides to explore the ancient home. Her stroll takes her to one of the oldest parts where she encounters something that will transport her back to fourteenth century Cornwall.

Beth experiences all the good, and bad, that fourteenth century England has to offer. Including King Edward III’s court. She meets Baron Michael Veryan and eventually falls for him. Lord Veryan’s half brother, Cadwr, appears with ulterior motives that create more intrigue which weaves throughout the story.

The only person Beth holds dear in the future is her mother. Yet she longs to stay with her newfound friends–and her new love. What will she decide? And does she have a choice in the matter. This journey has drawn her back to faith in God. She confesses she has been absent in her faith and feels God calling out to her through this experience. What is it He is asking of her? And where does He want her?

Deborah Kinnard draws the reader into fourteenth century England in such a way that makes you feel your presence there. You experience the day to day chores, struggles, politics, and essence of life there. I also love the faith aspect she includes in the telling.

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“And he said, The things which are impossible with men are possible with God.” – Luke 18:27


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